Just want to congratulate both you on a great greens product! best taking greens product I have had to taste..actually tastes alive and love the fresh lemon taste. I tried at least four in the past & decided on this one.....and yours is better¦and quite frankly I trust the ingredients more.

Well done!

Warm regards

Keith D. - from NJ

I had been on the Jiaogulan Tea for three weeks when I went for blood work. My cholesterol was down to normal. It went down 39 points. My blood pressure went down 20 points. I am still on medication but there was not a change until I got on the tea. The Humic and Fulvic Minerals have given me more energy. I really enjoy the anti-aging whole food bars because they are very satisfying and takes away that hunger feeling. They are also delicious. I have a sense of well-being. I also take the Blu-Lina, Krill Oil, and the great tasting Whole Body Snacks. I am getting better all the time.

Alice W. – from VA

RegenaLife's (Regeneration USA) products are the best products I've ever used. These are the first products I have taken that I can really feel when I take them. I really like the Tea of Life- Jiaogulan Tea (pronounced jee-OW-goo-lan). Before l started drinking this tea, my feet would go to sleep and be cold and my hands would tingle. When I drink this tea, they don't go to sleep and my hands don't tingle any more. Jiaogulan Tea is my favorite product. I drink the tea throughout the day and right before going to bed for a good nights rest. Those anti-aging whole food bars are amazing. They energize me. I feel great after eating them. I have a bar with a cup of tea the first thing every morning. I also like the Humic and Fulvic Minerals, the Krill Oil, the Maitake Beta Glucan, the Skin Regenerator spray and I put the Whole Body Snacks on my yogurt. I put the Blu-Lina in my green smoothie. Check out these great products.

Steve C. – from GA

On March 1st I woke up with the worst charlie horse in my life, which resulted in shriveling the hamstring. I mistakenly thought I'd pulled it, so for the next month walked around careful not to stretch it too much. It hurt with every step, but got bearable by the 3rd week. Then, at the end of our vacation, we had to run to make a plan and that did me in on March 31st. I finally went to a chiropractor who told me I'd scrunched the hamstring and I needed to stretch, so I began those exercises. I'd been walking with a cane ever since the end of March. There was a little improvement; still, discomfort with every move. Then in the middle of May, Catrina introduced me to the products from RegenaLife. I'm just finishing my first month of taking the Fulvic veg caps, BlueLina, and Krill Oil. I was able to stop using the cane within days and, over the last several weeks, my leg is stronger. In fact, it rarely hurts and I'm able to sit crossed-legged on the floor again. Pain is not waking me at night when I change positions; and, I'm almost back to the place in which we do not even notice our body parts, because they are working as they should. Clearly, very soon after the introduction of these products, my level of healing got a lot faster. You can bet I'm very happy about that.

Dr. Pamela O. – from Gainesville, FL

We began with the tea and humic minerals the end of March, 2013 to see if it would make a difference in a very unsteady blood pressure. My bp would often bounce around in a very unhealthy manner. If I didn't get it under control, I was afraid I would have to give up and go on a higher dosage of meds. By the end of 6 weeks, my bp had leveled off, I no longer was taking any meds at all, and, it continues to improve – absolutely wonderful!

My husband, who had quadruple bypass one year ago is now down to 1/2 pill a day for his bp. That is the only heart med he's on and he will soon be able to get rid of that I'm sure.

One of the first things we noticed was increased energy and stamina. I have fibromyalgia so that is a big deal! The fibro is much better in general. I have fewer bad days, more good days and the bad days aren't as bad.

Another thing we have both noticed is healthier digestive systems. Everything just works better – more normal. For those of you who have fibro, you know that is a real blessing. We decided to add the Blu-Lina, Maitake, Krill oil, Zeolite and food bars into our regimen.

My husband was having enlarged prostate issues. He began doing some specific exercises,uses reflexology, a heating pad, increased the amount of Blu-Lina and is having very positive results – he isn't completely back to normal yet, but, much better.

My husband also has had chronic asthma since working in a grain elevator several years, ending 42 years ago. Typically, he would have to take prednisone each spring. This year, he not only has not had to take any extra drugs, he's able to cut down on the use of his inhalers.

Thank you to God for leading us to some great advice and RegenaLife – we are looking forward to a more productive life for whatever time God gives us here on earth.

June O. – from S. Dakota

My husband and I has just moved into our new home that was a true "fixer upper". I had been working overtime scrubbing walls and floors and more when I had to go to work to my regular job which is cleaning homes. One of my clients saw how tired I was and gave me some of RegenaLife's Humic Fulvic minerals. Within 1/2 hr I had TONS of energy. So much so, that after cleaning my clients home for 5 hrs I went home and washed windows for another 3 hrs.!! The minerals sure got my attention. When my husband saw all the energy I had after all that cleaning he said he wanted some.

Tracy B., from Colorado

I was struggling with high blood pressure and walking pneumonia when my daughter signed me up for RegenaLife's products. She told me to double up on the Jiaogulan Tea, Humic/Fulvic Minerals, Blu-Lina Spirulina and Maitake Beta-Glucan and on the 4th day of taking the products, not only was my blood pressure normal but, I was no longer coughing and I had so much energy I decided to do some spring cleaning. I never want to be without my RegenaLife's products so I asked my daughter to put me on autoship.

I am 83 yrs young!!!

Norma A., from California

I did buy one of the Tea of Life teas at the show in Baltimore, and have been drinking it 3 nights in a row. I have slept like a rock all 3 nights! Amazing! You were right!

Can't wait to see what else it does for me!

Liz C. – from Pennsylvania

WOW it's good! My friend suggested I try the liquid Humic and Fulvic Minerals. When I poured the liquid into my spoon I thought " yucky, but it's supposed to be healthy" so I put it into my mouth. WOW to my surprise no taste at all! I kept using it for about 2 or 3 weeks and when came over and I told her about my new favorite. I said it seems to be working because I seem to have more energy since I started on this liquid Humic and Fulvic Minerals.

Jane C. from Texas

I have received Product order! I am so impressed with all 3 Products which where ordered! Krill Oil…One Word! WOW!! The TEA..I have had to Cups!…Taste Great and I also have consumed the leaves after letting them cool down! Two Word! Wow Amazing! The feeling of well being! Took Shower and Sprayed on Organic Humic and Fulvic Minerals! Felt Skin absorption in less then a minute! Face feels Great! I am on my way to pick up Anti-Aging Bars at post office ! I had a meeting till early hours with an associate at 24 hour Dinner and we went over website in detail! We left at 5:30 am! He called me about 30 minutes ago and we are brain storming now on placement in our local Group here in Ottawa Canada! EXITED!!! Action into motion!

Cheers to All!

Rich L. – Canada

These bars taste great – you can tell it is live food and not fillers.

Best I have ever had !

Eileen C. – Canada

I am 70 years old, on social security. In just five months since I have been in RegenaLife I've earned more than double my social security check! If you desire an extra boost to income, you have come to the right company! The products, the pay plan and the owners are a win-win Mustang situation! This is my favorite company of all time.

Margie L., Cuero – Texas

I started on the RegenaLife's Products about a month ago, the day I received them. They are amazing, I feel better than I have in a very long time, I am off Caffeine products and off sleep products. I am so grateful to have these products to enhance my health and make me focus on what is going in my body. The knowledge you have given me from sharing these products has helped my journey to better health, even in this short amount of time." I so look forward to continuing to better myself and share with others to do the same, Thank you all at RegenaLife for being my tool to enhance my health. I am very grateful. I also am keeping a journal on my journey so that I will be able to share my whole experience on the products !!! I am devoted to feeling better, looking better and sharing how I did it !!!!!! Let's make 2013 a great year for everyone who comes into RegenaLife !!!! I am a very big cheerleader !!!!!! Thanks for putting people under me on my TEAM >>> not many companies do this.

I am very impressed with you all and your caring integrity !!!!!


Denise B. – Illinois


Not for money!! Again I say Not For Money!! Health is wealth!! Yes, I tried the tea last night. I had the best sleep of my old age life. I sincerely thank you for this product!! No tea can work like this. Congratulations!!!


John M. – Queensland, Australia

I started taking Humic & Fulvic Minerals a few months ago, feel much better and plenty of energy. Make sure you all take extra before going to a party, you will appreciate it the next morning!!!!!!!!!!!! The bars taste great and keep hunger at bay for 2-3 hours

Tim S. – Ireland

I was hesitant to try the anti aging tea as I thought I wouldn't like the taste, however I was pleasantly surprised as it Is a great taste.. I used to drink one of the well known night cap drinks at bed time but found it didn't help me to sleep as promised and was heavy in my stomach. Whereas the Tea was much lighter and helped me to a quicker sounder sleep. I also have a mug with my breakfast, and if I have a heavy meal and feel a bit over full, then a mug of the tea is really great to take away that bloated feeling. It is also very economical, 1 teaspoonful easily makes 2 – 4 cups. I would recommend to everyone as being a Healthy alternative which cuts out the use of milk and sugar,

Best regards

Derek E – England

I bought one of your Jiaogulan Teas at your tradeshow in Baltimore and have been drinking it for 3 nights in a row. I have slept like a rock all 3 nights!, Amazing!


Liz C. - Pennsylvania

I have been in the industry for a long time and will tell you what you guys have to offer with the assistance, tools, products and compensation plan is truly 1st class.

Lori M. - New Jersey